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Inspirations comes from within

As the grandson of Robert B Sherman 1/2 of the Disney duo the Sherman Brothers, Joshua has grown up in the mist of a Hollywood Family, surrounded by the  the film industry.

Joshua Kirshbaum started young working for local Virginia theater companies at the age of 10. Starting his first photography business at age 14, he would expand to several offices across the Dc metropolitan area and sell his first business at age 15 for more than 4x his founding costs.


At age 18, he partnered with local NYC student filmmakers and started up Æ Studios NYC Cooperative. This chain of innovative student-based film studios would grow to 16 locations across the East coast by 2012. Joshua Leading this group of 10 core misfit-filmmakers, a sales team of 4, and administrative staff of 5. under Joshua's leadership they  developed 3rd party content for major film studios securing steady contracts with Silvercup Studios, Broadway Stages, NY1, NEP Broadcasting, A24, Telemundo.


Since 2014 Joshua has been wearing two Film-based professional hats,  

Joshua is a consultant & producer connected to hundreds of short films and commercial work for brands like Tinder, HBO, Expedia, TED, and the United Nations. With his Network of Marketers, Programmers & filmmakers, Joshua overseas projects across the globe.

He has also been doing Conflict photography for his both Nonviolence International and several UN agencies. as of now he has been contracted into 8 conflict zones across the middle east, Africa, and Latin America.

In the past few years Joshua had been a guest speaker at NYU, spoken in 30+ youth programs, he has run film making workshops in 15 high schools, and spoken at the United Nations about video in conflicts , and has done small speaking tours across the philistines, morocco, Switzerland and Austria .

Here are a few of the couses he took
New York Film Academy,
NYC & London —

learning the basics and active practice of filmmaking and productions: 

  • Two Day Line Producing Workshop - New York

  • Eight-Week Producing Workshop - New York

  • Six-Week Documentary Workshop - New York

  • Eight-Week Cinematography Workshop - New York

  • One-Year Conservatory Film Workshop - New York

  • Four-Week Film Production Workshop - London

NYC Workshops - Theater Rats, NYC —
Workshops on Film making & Creative Arts

I take as many courses as I can on modern methods of Public relations and marketing here are the courses I have taken: 

  • How to Start Your Fashion Company Clothing+Accessories

  • THEATER RATs - Producing your production

  • THEATER RATs - connect the stars

  • THEATER RATs - casting

  • THEATER RATs - Production and Finances

  • THEATER RATs - Broadway stage management

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