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Joshua Kirshbaum started young working for local Virginia theater companies at the age of 10. Starting his first photography business at age 14, he would expand to several offices across the Dc metropolitan area and sell his first business at age 15 for more than 4x his founding costs.


At age 18, he partnered with local NYC student filmmakers and started up Æ Studios NYC. This chain of innovative student-based film studios would grow to 16 locations across the East coast by 2012.

By age 21 in 2011, he had started working on ÆFocus Projects and had connected major corporate sponsors with important causes. In 2012, he opened his first official communications office in Ecuador after consulting for Tinder and Claro to expand their philanthropic markets throughout Latin America. Partnering up with different international organizations, he then opened a chain of philanthropic projects across South America from his community center “La Casa De La Vida” and “Estudio Ecuador”  that assisted with important local issues.

He focused on gender rights, entrepreneurial training, and community building.

After selling the rights to the community centers he spent the next few years traveling from consulting gigs to consulting gigs, helping out different businesses across the world. Building their businesses, brands and impact often from the ground up, from concept to launch.


In 2015, Joshua saw the political shifts that were going on and he decided it was time to invest all of his efforts on his home, the United States of America. Partnering up with several international organizations, he set up a central office in New York City and decided to launch the ÆFocus Network. After about 1 year, Joshua decided to build the ÆFocus Network out to the international community and join Civil Society at the United Nations. Partnering up and combining resources with his father, David Kirshbaum at Nonviolence International - New York, they built the Peace Vision Action Coalition (PeaceVAC), and they started supporting dozens of Coalitions and advocacy groups in Civil Society at the United Nations combining and giving an unprecedented voice to peace groups at the United Nations in connections with the Sustainable Development goals.


In 2017, he became an active member and consultant for over a dozen organizations

and nonprofits around the world.

In early 2018 Nonviolence International welcomed Joshua to be the youngest office head in the network. Quickly after taking office as the Executive Director of the New York Region, they began to expand and now Joshua and his teams run the Nonviolence International New York Office and the Nonviolence Resource Center in Harlem. With a large volunteer base and over 12 active programs spanning nonviolent action training, youth leadership empowerment, sustainable peace, and international disarmament advocacy and much more.


As of March of 2019 Joshua officially became a New York City Bar accredited

Mediator, learn more about Joshua's accreditations and certifications here  


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