Nonviolence International New York, UNHQ in NYC
Executive Director and U.N. Liaison

Month 2016 - PRESENT

  • Growing the NYC office from the underfunded 3-person operation, into the flagship of the International Network, with a global volunteer youth network with hundreds of active members, with 11 volunteer regional hubs all working with our core team on United Nations initiatives.

  • Developed and facilitated the partnership with the City of New York, United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA), United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), over a dozen Civil Society Coalitions, and with multiple ECOSOC Organizations.

  • Leading in the creations/design of 22 projects including the creation of a Leadership Program that has sponsored around 60 projects since 2015, many of which have grown and become their own organizations or small businesses.


the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research & Education Institute Stanford

NYC Activities Coordinator and United Nations Liaison 

2019 - PRESENT 

Facilitating activities across New York City & at the United Nations for Dr. Clayborne Carson and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research & Education Institute. 


Building Peace By Teaching Peace

Regional Director 

2018 - PRESENT 

Under my leadership we gained exclusive  licensing to the top Peace Education Program ranked by UNESCO and now my teams and I Are the only practitioners in all the Americas.


Mediators Beyond Borders International

United Nations Network Affiliate  

2017 - PRESENT 

A project based position in wich I Negotiating on behalf of Network members and facilitate and moderate on projects with U.N. Institutional Bodies,  ECOSOC Accredited Entities and Mission States. 


The Global Movement of a Culture of Peace—

Communications  Coordinator 

2016 - PRESENT 

I am an official Representative to the United Nations for the International ACtion network on small arms, focused on the facilitation of access for the Executive Board of IANSA,  IANSA Women’s Network and the IANSA Youth Association. 


The International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA)—

United Nations Liaison 

2015 - PRESENT 

I am an official Representative to the United Nations for the International ACtion network on small arms, focused on the facilitation of access for the Executive Board of IANSA,  IANSA Women’s Network and the IANSA Youth Association. 


Gandhi King Global Initiative — Board Member and United Nations Representative 

2019 - PRESENT

Coalition for Global Citizenship — Board Member and communications committee coordinator 

2017 - PRESENT 

Conference of NGOs with a Consultative Relationship to the United Nations — Board Member and Regional Coordinator 

2015 - PRESENT

UN & NYC Certifications 

ECOSOC Consultative status with the United Nations


Certified Conflict Photographer for the United Nations

Department of Global Communications


Certified Mediator at the New York City Bar Association 


Consultant of Peace Education in high conflict regions for the United Nations Institute for Training And Research 


Certified in  Nonviolent Crisis Intervention by The Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI)


Certified Nonviolent Action Trainer by Nonviolence International


Certified Nonviolent Communications Trainer & Facilitator by the New York Center for Nonviolent communication (NYCNVC) 


Certified New York City Consultant on Conflict Intervention for the New York Police Department

NonviolenceNY Programs & Projects:

Peace Education Training Program — Launched in 2021

Nonviolence International New York has Licensed Facilitators of the Prem Rawat Foundation’s Peace Education Program - an innovative series of video-based workshops that help people discover their own inner strength and personal peace.

In these weekly meetings, the group will behave the opportunity to focus and reflect on their own humanity and inner resources such as choice, hope, and dignity. Rather than describing or defining personal peace, the program empowers individuals to reach their own understanding. Everyone can benefit - the program has proven effective in a variety of settings, including community centers, youth groups, schools, adult education programs, veterans’ groups, healthcare settings, senior centers, homeless shelters, drug rehabilitation facilities, and correctional facilities.

Each participant will gain hands-on experience within a peace education program and take the first step in the path of becoming a facilitator themselves.


Actions In Quarantine — Launched in 2020

In the wake of our recent global pandemic and ensuing isolation, abuse of global powers, and mass distribution of false information, a community can be your backbone in keeping you balanced and supported. This is why Nonviolence International New York has been tirelessly working to develop the tools to understand how you can make a major impact on your local and global community from the four walls in which you reside. Join us as we dedicate our time in quarantine to advocating for nonviolent solutions through peace education and international advocacy. We invite our audience and the members of our youth network, Agents of Change, to take action in connecting with civil society at the United Nations and our greater international community in spreading goodwill and nonviolence.


Practical Peacebuilding Mentorship Program — Launched in 2020

In our new six-month Mentorship Program with NVINY, you will be joining a community of activists and student leaders from around the world to learn from experienced members of civil society at the United Nations. Mentors will plan and participate in active projects with NVINY to build and implement actions in service to our local and global communities. As a team, the individual and staff at NVINY will address actions and work together to build measurable and sustainable results for a project’s success.



New York Graduate Plan — Launched in 2020

The New York Graduate Plan Online is an educational collaboration between Nonviolence International New York and UNITAR that seeks to build graduate students with a passion for peacebuilding and international affairs into future diplomats. Over the course of this program, students will learn from UN diplomats in diplomatic training sessions, master the art of peacebuilding in workshops at Nonviolence International New York and personally lead world-changing digital fieldwork with Civil Society at the United Nations.


Leadership Program — Launched in 2019 

Each semester we take 3-20 future leaders and guide them through an intensive leadership week where you meet experts from around the globe, do exercise learn about the 16 categories of peace and you build a network that will last you a lifetime.


Nonviolent Workshops Platform — Launched in 2019 

Explore with the New York office of nonviolence international as we explore the 300 forms of nonviolent actions. 


Understanding Peace Meetup group — Launched 2019 

This is a weekly meeting in-person group that focuses on current events and how to find nonviolent solutions to those issues.

Loaded Projects — Launched in 2018

Loaded projects was a disarmament-focused video project in which we interviewed experts from across the globe about different kinds of arms systems. 



Volunteer Program — Launched in 2018

Starting with a team of 3 volunteers in 2018 we ended up building out the volunteer program to over 200 active daily volunteers across the globe working to assist civil society at the United Nations and making a positive footprint on the globe. 



Creative Solutions Team — Launched in 2017

This was my first creative team. We were able to bring in 50+ artists from around the US to join on projects with Civil society at the United Nations.


American Ethos Projects — Launched in 2017 

The American ethos project gave the tools to young activists to advocate word what they believe in. This started with three workshops and ended up bringing in about 700 participants and we were able to bring hundreds of protesters to DC from across the East coast. We joined the women’s March & climate march and over a dozen anti-trump marches. 



Agents of Change Strategic Planning Group — Launched 2016

With our global community, we realized that it was necessary for groups of people from around the world to come together and cooperate. We created an online meeting group in order to coordinate their efforts. Starting with 8 inspiring activists by 2019 the planning group had grown to 5 regional groups across the globe with over 4000 members hosting marches, coordinating events, and cultivating action across their countries.



Project Voices — Launched in 2016

In 2016 we join small municipalities across the Americas to amplify voices across the world, by interviewing, then fundraising for around 400 young Agents of Change who were impacting their communities. by 2018 Project Voices had raised over $75,000 for community projects and has touched the lives of millions.

Gorilla Filmmaking — launched in 2016

Focused on young creative filmmakers, This set of workshops hosted throughout Latin America and Northern Africa that gave resorces to young creative people who wanted to make a difference with their art. breaking down concepts like; moving to make with smartphones and creative ways of reaching online audiences.


Internship Program — launched in 2015

Since its foundation, it has Built the foundation of over 600 future leaders Careers within the international community and the United Nations. 


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