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Joshua's Story:

Joshua Kirshbaum is a collaborative social entrepreneur and creative consultant dedicated to youth empowerment, disarmament, and cultivating communities. After selling his second company, a small chain of multimedia studio incubators focused on connecting budding filmmakers to major brands, Joshua moved to Ecuador. There he started several community projects, from a homey yet innovative community and art center named The Casa De La Vida to building out small facilities, Casitas, serving hundreds of abused women and children seeking aid. 


Throughout his time in Ecuador, Joshua secured marketing and communication contracts with major groups like FIFA, TED, and Tinder Latin America, across South America. In 2014, Joshua joined the award-winning decentralized network of Nonviolence International (NI) and returned to NY. At NI, Joshua quickly rose through the ranks, starting as a project coordinator in active conflict zones across Latin America and the Middle East, to Director of Communications, and finally, in 2018, becoming the youngest office head in the NI network as the Executive Director of Nonviolence International New York. Within this role, he spearheaded dozens of high-impact projects for the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA), Everytown, International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA), NGO Committee on the Status of Women (NGOCSW), Humanitarian Disarmament Conference, among others. Joshua has a proven record of mobilizing cross-functional teams and bringing about transformational change. Throughout his various nonprofit endeavors, he has developed over 33 educational programs serving 300,000 participants, sponsored 90 youth-led initiatives, and supported the careers of 10,000 young adults globally.


As a mentor, humanitarian, nonviolent trainer, NYC Bar Certified Mediator, and UN Consultant, Joshua has dedicated his career to amplifying voices across the globe, empowering all to speak out, stand up, and make a difference.

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