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Joshua's Story:

Joshua Kirshbaum is an award-winning humanitarian and nonprofit financial consultant with over 15 years of experience in the field. He has successfully overseen 100+ UN civil society contracts, raised over $20 million for humanitarian efforts worldwide, developed 33 educational programs, sponsored dozens of youth-led initiatives, and launched the careers of 10,000 young adults globally.

As a consultant, Joshua has worked with dozens of clients including nonprofits, businesses, and foundations across the globe. He has led and designed projects, built systems, and helped clients like FIFA, Cocoala, MADRE, and the countries of Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, and Germany. Joshua has managed 4 family offices that combined $23 million in assets, granting annually over $1.5 million, and worked with 9 Latin America clients at first, but by 2014, he was working internationally with over 30.

In 2018, Joshua was promoted to the youngest office head in the Nonviolence International network as the Executive Director of Nonviolence International New York and NI's United Nations (UN) Representative. He focused on his passions for youth empowerment, disarmament, and cultivating communities, leading dozens of high-impact projects for organizations such as The UN Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA), Everytown, International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA), and The NGO Committee on the Status of Women (NGOCSW).

In 2022, Joshua absorbed his nonprofit financial consulting practice into New York Life, and he is now helping more organizations than ever before. As a mentor, human rights advocate, nonviolent trainer, NYC bar-certified mediator, and UN consultant, Joshua is dedicated to amplifying voices across the globe, empowering all to speak out, stand up, and make a difference. Contact Joshua today to learn how he can help your organization achieve its goals.

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