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Public Relations through his vains

Joshua is a consultant & producer connected to hundreds of short films and commercial work for brands like Tinder, HBO, Expedia, TED, and the United Nations. With his Network of Marketers, Programmers & filmmakers, Joshua overseas projects across the globe.

He Leads teams and develops global campaigns for clients regularly developing strategies that will be used for years. when developing marketing strategies Joshua specializes in connecting the target audiences with the product utilizing the newest technologies and strategies to reach any goal. 

Joshua grew up learning PR and marketing from his mother, Laurie Sherman an award winning Public Relations expert who worked on numerus projects including America Responds to Aids (in the 1980s) and the as the Vise President of the Woodruff Art Center in Atlanta Georgia (in the 1990's).

Joshua had the honor of growing up learning from all her friends and grew up amungst the creator of the Klingon Language, Marc Okrand, and musitions like Elton John & Winton Marculles. each spengind time with little joshua, sharing thier views and methods and giving Joshua the foundations to anything he builds.

This has been the foundation of most of his work. taking a PR spin to each project and been aple to take even the most simple of projects and buildign out a audience base of thousands.

Here are a few of the couses he took


Digital Marketing Certifications |

Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, google analytics, Wix Certified Trainer, Weebly Certified Trainer, Shopify Certified Trainer,  Google Developers Certification, Associate Android Developer, Influencer Marketing, Associate Marketing, Input and Design

NYC Workshops, NYC —
Workshops on Public Relations & Marketing

I take as many courses as I can on modern methods of Public relations and marketing here are the courses I have taken: 

  • Instagram for Business: Followers to Customers

  • Sales, Marketing and PR

  • Impact Hacking: Digital strategies for nonprofits

  • Impact Hacking: Digital Marketing and analytics

  • Impact Hacking: nonprofit tools

  • Impact Hacking: advanced digital tools

  • Understanding & Improving Cybersecurity for Nonprofits

  • How To Do PR + Marketing + Gain Exposure

  • the Art of Networking

  • Building Your Brand

  • Utilizing the Dark Web

  • the Art of Philanthropy

  • Building Connections in NYC, Online — 
Couses on Digital  Marketing

I take as many courses as I can on modern methods of Digital Marketing here are the courses I have taken: 

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing, google analytics

  • Wix Certified Trainer

  • Weebly Certified Trainer

  • Shopify Certified Trainer

  •  Google Developers Certification

  •  Associate Android Developer

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Associate Marketing

  • Input and Design, Online —
Digital  Marketing & Public Relations Certification Courses

I take as many courses as I can on modern methods of Digital Marketing & Public Relations here are the courses I have taken: 

  • Introduction to Marketing

  • Media Strategy for Small Businesses

  • Marketing Success for Your Business

  • Creating a Need for Your Product

  • Marketing Management - The Marketing Research Process

  • Google Analytics

  • Fundamentals of Marketing Your Business Online

  • Google AdSense

  • Advertising Your Business Online

  • Introduction to Public Relations

  • Understanding Your Customers to Drive Sales

  • Discovering and Meeting Market Needs

  • Understanding Your Audience: Market Segmentation

  • Public Relations: Optimize Systems Theory and Stakeholder Management Practices

  • Public Relations: Best Practices and Ethics

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