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Visionary leader and growth catalyst with a proven capacity for empowering companies and organizations to achieve unprecedented success.

Driven executive known for transforming organizations through ambitious branding/positioning, communications, leadership, and growth strategy. Demonstrated history of successfully helping more than 10M people achieve exceptional outcomes, driving growth and optimization across emerging, large-scale, and Fortune 500 companies. Proven expertise in maximizing results within highly complex environments, including government organizations, the United Nations (UN), Fortune 500 companies, and high-pressure conflict zones.

Experience Summery:
  • Built and sold two multimillion-dollar companies by 22 years old

  • 10+ years of experience in non-profit and volunteer management

  • Chaired the LifeLong Learning Foundation, created 30 community centers across Latin America

  • Co-founded a consulting studio focused the arts and emerging technologies

  • Served on 15 UN Coalition Boards, offering technical, financial, organizational, and strategic direction

  • Raised $20.4 million for international humanitarian efforts

  • Managed 4 family foundations, a combined $23 million in assets granting annually over $1.5 million

Career Experience

Career Experience
Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 9.57.50 PM.png
2014 – Present | Nonviolence International Network, New York City, Washington D.C., Quito & Cuenca Ecuador

2018 – Present | Executive Director of the New York & UNHQ Office, New York City

2016 – 2018 | Director of Global Communications for the NI Network, New York City & Washington D.C.

2014 – 2017 | Global Coordinator, Quito & Cuenca, Ecuador 

Spearheaded transformative growth and vital partnership initiatives, delivering mission-focused leadership and strategy to advance nonviolent action promotion across the organization’s global network. Steered mission-critical strategic planning, enabling the delivery of crucial deliverables, education, sponsorship, and support for nonprofit organizations around the world.

As Executive Director:

  • Maximized organizational capabilities, generating $3M annually in funding and growing the operation from 12 people based out of NYC to an active volunteer network of 800 and membership of 30K members globally to support international non-violence and nonprofit operations.

  • Served as an industry thought leader and partnership facilitator, fostering strong collaborative relationships across universities, UN and government agencies, NI regional offices, and allied organizations and serving on UN coalition boards to influence ongoing mission implementation and support.

  • Shaped high-impact strategic planning and marketing, accelerating deliverables across more than 20 nonprofit clients and ensuring optimal integration/utilization.

  • Delivered key support and facilitation for the training of 47 nonprofit leadership teams, the sponsorship of 60+ community-based projects, and the launch of 3K+ careers of young adults globally with the creation of 22 premium education and training programs.

As Director of Global Communications:

  • Advanced organizational awareness through expert industry engagement, public relations, and communications strategy, contributing to a 30% network membership growth and serving as program representative at five UN events.

  • Partnered with major social movements and initiatives to steer best-in-class public relations, organizational structuring, and programming/program development. 30+ Engagements including March for Our Lives, Wear Orange, Women’s Movement, And the World’s Oceans Fair.

As Global Coordinator:

  • Fostered mission-critical growth, expanding network reach into seven new countries, including active conflict zones, through the implementation of 80+ UN field initiatives serving more than 2M people.

  • Enabled streamlined communications across five NI regional offices and provided 200K small businesses/nonprofits with access to a global marketplace for humanitarian aid, developing a custom dashboard supporting collaboration, project review, and digital asset sharing to enhance accessibility and impact.

  • Established the entire communications system to eliminate risk and harm for information team, shaping a decentralized blockchain-based communication network allowing networks to send money and info to one another without being monitored or hacked; ultimately shared system for implementation across 200K businesses and groups within the region, earning notable acclaim in the UNGA and resulting in a three-country speaking tour.

2017 – 2018 | Green Olive Tours, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Jaffa, Israel/Palestine (Remote)

Marketing Consultant

Catalyzed transformative growth, partnering with GO Tours, GO Collective, GO Palestine, and GO Mediterranean to identify key audience needs, sponsorship opportunities, and systems/membership improvements. Consulted with executive team and stakeholders to define core brand vision and company objectives, shaping new brand, content, product, and partnership strategies to activate stellar results.

  • Developed and implemented a customized, trend- and mission-aligned rebranding and communications plan, embedding non-expiring content and a cohesive, compelling presentation/messaging strategy to elevate annual client retention 34% and sales 20%.

  • Initiated and promoted a Virtual Reality (VR) tour product, producing and preselling 20 VR tours including an innovative outreach tour presented at 13+ international fairs to grow consumer interest and excitement; maximized the company’s unique access capabilities to generate revenue without additional manpower cost.

  • Cultivated partnerships with local businesses and organizations, building promotional opportunities and expanding reach to maximize sales.

  • Fostered a dynamic team of 30 travel influencers, shaping weekly and quarterly incentive frameworks to capitalize on high-impact social media promotion opportunities.

2015 – 2017 | Academia Latinoamericana de Español, Quito, Ecuador

Communications Consultant

Partnered with the Latin American Spanish language learning organization to drive strategic communications growth, uncovering key program-aligned engagement and partnership opportunities to foster exceptional expansion in line with long-term organizational objectives.

  • Sourced and secured valuable relationships with 30+ US universities, growing program capabilities resulting in rapid expansion to new locations and new audiences.

  • Led the entire outreach program, from recruitment to social media, across all program locations, establishing region- and local-market-specific engagement initiatives within a full-scale funnel system.

  • Designed customized documentaries and an in-depth interview series, linking prospective students to local culture and stories to build a sense of engagement.

  • Elevated service offerings and regional reach by 22% with the launch of 30 local teams across seven new locations, enabling the acquisition of new partnerships and market segments to maximize engagement.

Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 10.14.25 AM.png
2015 – 2017 | Eduardo Vega Galeria/Taller, Cuenca, Ecuador

Public Relations Consultant

Conceived and executed innovative, influential public relations initiatives for the Ecuadorian ceramic artist and gallery, establishing a thriving international brand to catalyze exceptional growth and reach. Transformed Vega’s career, from near bankruptcy to one of the top artists in Latin America.

  • Spearheaded the introduction of the gallery’s artist to the Ecuadorian president, generating regional and media excitement to kickstart Vega’s Latin American tour.

  • Reimagined brand targeting strategy, prioritizing the young professionals segment resulting in a 40% increase in demand and a 25% growth in value.

  • Expanded brand recognition and sales 13% by scouting and securing three new emerging artists, securing overlapping audiences to increase existing client base.

  • Coordinated four high-profile art expositions within the Latin American tour, selling 50+ pieces with an overall profit gross of $800M.

2012 – 2014 | The Casa De La Vida, Cuenca, Ecuador

Founder & Director

Spearheaded the development of a thriving arts community, establishing classes, competitions, movies, galleries, live music events, and shows to catalyze engagement and support. Grew awareness of the flourishing cross-cultural community and art center, partnering with the City of Cuenca to foster arts initiatives.

  • Initiated a portfolio of digital and live crowdfunding campaigns, successfully generating $580K in eight months through high-energy funding initiatives.

  • Captured and grew valuable community engagement, building awareness and excitement through dynamic events and activities.

  • Grew membership by 15K new members and elevated national brand recognition at the helm of a top-tier marketing campaign and strategy.


2015 – 2017 | FK Makeup Studio, Quito, Ecuador

Co-Founder & President

  • Initiated the regional brand of makeup studios, emphasizing event makeup and fashion importation, activating growth through stellar industry engagement and consumer/affiliate marketing.

  • Generated 80K online sales in the first quarter through a top-tier nationwide affiliate program, delivering a 60% growth in overall sales.

  • Galvanized stellar brand recognition and reputation, orchestrating four fashion shows, three music videos, and three pop-up shops to maximize reach.

2013 – 2016 | Estudio Ecuador, Cuenca, Ecuador

Founder & Co-Director

  • Led the consulting studio focused on innovative solutions leveraging the arts and emerging technologies.

  • Spearheaded strategic investments into the emerging Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) tech market, uncovering key industry opportunities for product/app prototyping and market launch/penetration.

  • Generated 260% ROI in the company’s second year through high-profile prototyping, marketing, and consulting partnerships with major brands including Cannon Inc., FIFA, Claro, Telemundo, and Coca-Cola.

  • Successfully paved the way for a sustainable, flourishing brand foothold in Brazilian, Ecuadorian, and Peruvian markets through strategic partnership and high-profile TEDx events.        

2009 – 2013 | Æ Studios NYC Cooperative, New York City

Co-Founder & Executive Director

  • Headed the filmmaking cooperative of 16 affiliate studio locations focusing on multimedia content creation.

  • Launched company in partnership with colleagues; sold shares in 2012 for $10.8M and remained as a Board of Directors member until 2014.

  • Delivered 300% ROI within a year and a half (against a three-year projected ROI of 120%), investing in more than 50 small studios and consolidating assets to maximize returns.

  • Generated millions of dollars each quarter at the helm of impactful sales and production strategy; led 42 distinct production crews producing 500+ short and indie films, 100+ commercials, and third-party content.

  • Captured key contracts with private investors, major film studios, and brands, including Coca-Cola, AOL, Silvercup Studios, Broadway Stages, NY1, NEP Broadcasting, and Telemundo.     

2003 – 2006 | Dragonfly Productions, Washington D.C.

Co-Founder & CEO

  • Founded the youth-led LLC focused on providing exceptional household and event services for the Washington Metropolitan Area.

  • Founded and grew a high-profile event coverage studio, securing 700 exclusive contracts and a 1.2M-lead client list with an 80% closing accuracy rate.

  • Launched, matured, and successfully sold the youth-led LLC (including studio, leads, and assets) for $8M total (personal shares of $3.8M).


Gandhi King Global Initiative

Founding Board Member and United Nations Representative 

2019 - 2023

Mediators Beyond Borders International

United Nations Network Affiliate and Strategic Consultant

2017 - 2023 


Coalition for Global Citizenship

Board Member and communications committee coordinator 

2017 - 2022


Conference of NGOs with a Consultative Relationship to the United Nations

Board Member and Regional Coordinator 

2015 - 2022

Everytown for Gun Safety Foundation

Strategic Consultant

2020 - 2022

International Youth Action Foundation

Strategic Consultant

2020 - 2022

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research & Education Institute Stanford

NYC Activities Coordinator and United Nations Strategic Consultant

2019 - 2022

Building Peace By Teaching Peace

Regional Director and Strategic Consultant

2018 - 2022


The Global Movement of a Culture of Peace

Communications Coordinator and Strategic Consultant

2016 - 2022


The International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA)

United Nations Liaison & Program Manager

2015 - 2022


Goldstine/Smith Family Office

Chief Strategic Officer

2020 – 2023

DKI Family Office

Chief Financial Officer

2018 – 2023

David Abelman Family Foundation

Philanthropy Director

2016 – 2022

J.I. Kaplan Family Office

Strategic Philanthropy Consultant

2018 – 2022

Micheal Horowitz Family Foundation

Strategic Consultant

2017 – 2022

Ira Aaronson Family Foundation

Strategic Consultant

2016 – 2021


Partner — Audplace Club (LAO & NYC, USA), 2020 – 2023

Partner — NOMATIC (USA), 2019 – Present

Partner — INO’s Corporate Real Estate (SNC, ECU),  2015 – 2017

Partner — Common Grounds Sports Bar & Grill (CUE, ECU), 2013 – 2016

Partner — East Village Social (NYC, USA), 2011 – 2012

Accreditation & Details

Recent Certifications:
  • Small Business Administration Learning Platform: 65 online classes completing all the platform’s objectives, 2017 – 2022

  • Udemy Courses: 46 online courses including Multimedia Marketing, Ecommerce, Optimize Systems, & SEO/SEM. 2016 – 2021

  • Certified Wix Trainer by the Wix Legend Partner Program. 2020

  • Weebly and Square Certified Consultant by Square Inc., 2020

  • Certified Shopify Product and Business Fundamentals Consultant by The Shopify Partner Academy, 2019

  • Certified Mediator at the New York City Bar Association, 2019

  • NYC Bar & Columbia University, NYC- Advanced Mediation Training: Conflict Resolution Theory & Techniques, 2019

  • Nonviolence International: Peacebuilding Strategic Implementation Training, 2019

Full list of trainings and certifications available on request.

Selected Affiliations
  • Founding Member and Board Member, Nonviolent Resource Center, 2018 – Present

  • Executive Board Member, Conference of NGOs with a Consultative Relationship to the UN, 2015 – 2023

  • Founding Member, Coordinator, and NI & NY Liaison, World House Project Network, 2021 – 2022

  • UN Liaison, The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research & Education Institute Stanford, 2019 – 2022

  • United Nations Network Affiliate, Mediators Beyond Borders International, 2017 – 2022

  • Board Member and Head of Digital Marketing, Satya Rising LLC, 2007 – 2022

Additional memberships and affiliations available on request.

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