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Green Olive Tours, Jerusalem, Isreal —
Head of Digital Marketing

2017 - 2018

- Produced 30 interviews of tour guides, and 500 hours of content featuring experts in key locations across Israel/Palestine, Jordan, and Egypt.

- Generated a collection of over 800 blogs and other content onto the site, revamping the SEO and web athority for the following years.

- designed a digital campaign in 4 European countries in which we were able to bring the numbers 7x within 3 months of running the campaign.

- Leading the sales teams, we were able to partner with small businesses across the region allow GO teams to have access and discounts across the middle east, enabling them to expand into new areas & connect with new experts.

Academia Latinoamericana de Español, Quito, Ecuador —
Director of communication


- Established 10 long-term contracts with United States Universities that facilitated a semi-automated sustainable growth model for the school.
- Implemented an outreach strategy that expanded the student body by 12x
- Assisted the President on the acquisition of 5 new locations across Latin America
- Trained 8 new teams to implement long term plans

E2, Cuenca, Ecuador —
Founding Member and Co-Director


I was the leader and a team of a remarkable team of freelance Artists, Tech Entrepreneurs,  Event Planners, and Marketers. This cooperative worked on over 30 projects in its three 2 existence. We specialized in solving impossible problems with new technologies.

INTEGRAR, Cuenca, Ecuador
Consultant for the Vertial Learning Department 

2013 - 2015

Leading the design and consulting teams in early Education, web design, disability learning,  Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Teams. Our Teams set up 2 educational interactive program prototypes, did 5 VR Events in partnership with oculus, and developed 3 prototypes of the smallest 3D-printing photo booth in Latin America.

Tedx Cuenca, Cuenca, Ecuador
Co-Producer & Technical Director

2014 - 2015

I was the lead Coordinator and technical director of the 5 TEDx Events other the year of 2014. We did the first TEDx Latin American livestream across 18 Universities across Ecuador, Peru, & Columbia. 

Tinder Latin America  
Lead Marketer

2013 - 2014

As Founder and the lead Marketer at E2, I lead my teams worked with Tinder - Latin America, running a team of 3 on a digital ad campaign across 5 countries. We were able to triple the number of uploads within two weeks.

La Casa De La Vida, Cuenca, Ecuador —

2012 - 2014

Running teams in this community center in the two years we were open we coordinated city wide parties with over 3000 attendees, over 200 classes in Spanish/English, facilitated the space AA meetings, we opened up a community theater with 90 screenings, we had 600 active members, and we contracted with 40 businesses across the city of cuenca and generated a client membership of 15,000 paid members. 

The Casa De La vida | Unseen moments project

2012 - 2017

Working with nonviolence international and the United Nations, my teams and I were coordinators of 20 information gathering trips into active conflict zones. After getting certified by the United Nations Department of Global communication as a conflict photographer I was sent to 5 of those locations in this joint project.

The Casa De La vida | River Run Project


I coordinated the efforts at The Casa De La Vida in Working with 5 universities across Ecuador we cleaned up 15 River beaches within 2 months.

The Casa De La vida | Madre Project

2012 - 2014

I was also a core organizer and the founder of The Casa De La vida | Madre Project; Contracting with a network of nurses, Doctors, and lawyers who worked to address human rights issues across the country. This project in partnership with Madra founded 12 locations across Ecuador and Columbia to help beaten & raped women find Legal justice.

Æ Studios NYC Cooperative , NYC —
Executive Director 

2010 - 2012

Leading a group of 10 core filmmakers, a sales team of 4, and administrative staff of 5. We developed 3rd party content for major film studios securing steady contracts with Silvercup Studios, Broadway Stages, NY1, NEP Broadcasting, A24, Telemundo NY. Starting out as Film School Dropouts we grew 16 affiliate studio locations.

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