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An interest and a passion

what is the best way to communicate with your audiences?

this has been a passion of Joshua's for a decade. learning how to communicate and teach audiences members has always been something he played with. from his first company when he was only 14 years old Joshua was able to combine Event photography with teaching and he lead his crews and training dozens of photographers in the venture.  as someone with severe leading disabilities Joshua has a lot fo trouble in the very unequipped educational system and he has worked tirelessly to change that for others. he has a strong believe and passion in finding technolidies that make learning easy. and allowing the two industries to compliment each other.

Joshua also holds a passion for augmented &virtual Reality, often adding it into the classes he teaches and the work he does. He has spent the last few years teaching and running groups of college students at the united nations, running some of the largets youth focused programs affiliated with the untied nations. Joshua has been able to take almost no budget and build out programs that impact peoles lives. in this work he has also been a guest speaker at NYU, spoken in 30+ youth programs, he has run film making workshops in 15 high schools, and spoken at the united nations about video in conflicts , and has done small speaking tours across the philistines, morocco, Switzerland and Austria .

Here are a few of the courses he took, Online –
Fundamentals of Education and training

Below are the different Teaching and training Certification courses I took:

  • Fundamentals of Storytelling in Education for Teachers and Trainers

  • Instructional Planning for Successful Teaching - Revised

  • Scratch - Teach Computer Programming in Schools

  • Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language

  • Working with Students with Special Educational Needs – Revised

  • Understanding Student Development and Diversity – Revised

  • Instructional Planning for Successful Teaching - Revised

Stanford University, online/Udacity —
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Stanford University, online/Udacity —
Artificial Intelligence for Robotics
University of Michigan, online/Coursera —
Using Python to Access Web Data
Rice University, online/Coursera —
An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python


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