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United For Change:

Based in New York, NY (with volunteer hubs in Baltimore, MD and Atlanta, GA

Founded in 2019 - Community Focused

Real change starts with you. let work together to build a more equitable and inclusive nation.

United for Change is an organization dedicated to providing the best resources possible for individuals who want to get involved in social change, but need help deciding where or how they can make the most impact. We provide information about different organizations doing work toward justice and equality, offer opportunities to volunteer at our hubs around the country, publish blog posts that share stories of progress being made in communities across America (whether it's on a grand scale or as simple as just getting together with friends), organize public events like rallies and protests spanning all 50 states for people interested in showing up en masse against injustices facing marginalized groups within their own community- and much more!

We're working hard every day to keep this resource up to date and useful for everyone.

In 2020: United for Change project with three hubs coordinated by Marcellus Henderson & Joshua Kirshbaum; United for Change — Maryland, working on different educational & informational materials for minority groups and peaceful protesters, United for Change — New York City, the teams assisting and coordinating peaceful protests and global partitions, while doing research on black History, & United for Change — Atlanta, helping minority & young voters get to the election polls.

So join Nonviolence International New York has dedicated our time and resources to serving the needs of the community during this period of racial inequality within America.

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