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United Action Strategy Meetings:

Based Online

Founded in 2020 - Community Focused

About the program:

In light of the escalating violence across the world a group of NonviolenceNY Network program Alumni partnered with Joshua & started hosting weekly members-only strategy meetings called, the United Action Strategy Meetings, activist and community leaders coordinate nonviolent actions & resistance across the United States and in the following cities across the globe: Mexico City Mexico, Seville Spain, Frankfurt Germany, Casablanca Morocco, Jerusalem & Bethlehem Isreal/Palestine, (Quito Guayaquil, Cuenca & Puyo) Ecuador, Cairo, & Asyut Egypt, (Manchester, York, & Cambridge) England, Amman Jordan, Copenhagen Denmark, Geneva, Switzerland, Vienna Austria, Maracay Venezuela & Kobe japan

A bit more information:

in the wake of the global pandemic, in the eyes of social injustice across the globe, it is more important than ever before to stand up for what you believe in. in this group you will be able to work in solidarity with others, share resources and learn from people who are struggling the same battles you are.

"We don't have time for your fear." - Fannie Lee Chaney

"This is a community where we can come together and find strength through our diversity. " - Lucille Clifton

It's not about "winning": it's about standing up. It's not about being right: it's about finding common ground among all those on the sidelines of society that feel forgotten or ignored by politicians & corporations alike- no matter what side they stand on politically... because as long as there has been injustice, resistance will be necessary until justice prevails! - Steve Bullock President 2020 (inaugurated)

Learn more and join a new wave of change:

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