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The NonviolenceNY & Prem Rawat Foundation's Peace Education Program:

Based Online

Founded in 2020 - Community Focused

About the program

After several years of searching for a good peace education program, I was honored to find a program like this. in partnership with the Prem Rawat Foundation’s Peace Education Program we have put together a set of online learning opportunities that you can participate in.

This an innovative series of video-based workshops Lead by Sarah Kirshbaum and Me, that help people discover their own inner strength and personal peace.

What is peace education?

Peace education is a process that helps people discover their own inner peace.

It’s about recognizing your life-force and giving it to the world in a way that creates compassion, empathy and understanding for all beings.

The workshops explore how we can each contribute something great to this world - individually or collectively with friends and loved ones. Peace education is an invitation into oneself to find one's true self – full of wisdom, strength, power and love. It leads us on the journey back home where our natural state is joyful living at peace with ourselves and others; working together to build every member of our community.

Visit our website to learn more or apply for a workshop today!

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