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Pandemic Medics Club:

Based on the Telegram app

Founded in 2020 - Community Focused

Founded because and focused on the COVID-19 national crises thus US based, invite only, Telegram Group of 50+ Nurses & EMS license Volunteer Medics in North Carolina, California, Washington DC, New Mexico, and Idaho work together to do projects and provide assistance to their communities.

Part of what we do is to provide assistance in the following areas: Event Safety, Healthcare Preparedness, and Disaster Response.

Events that require a volunteer medic team include: festivals and concerts, sporting events, parades or fairs with large crowds (such as Halloween) or children’s activities where there are many young kids running around. The last category includes any public event that can be chaotic and stressful for first responders like natural disasters. We love being able to help out!

We also offer training resources on how to prepare your household in case an emergency happens at home OR you have visitors who may need some guidance on how they would take care of themselves if they were sick or injured while visiting your house.

All the members are EMT-B certified and work together to make a difference across the U.S.

contact us at and apply today to join.

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