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New Tick Tok: testing out passive incomes & wealth hacks so that you don't have to | testing the fad

It's no secret that passive income is a topic of interest for many people. There are so many ideas out there, it can be hard to know which ones you should try first. The question becomes even more difficult when you realize how much time and money it takes to test them all. That's why I decided to create this Tik Tok channel-I'm the guinea pig! Join me as we venture into the world of popular online wealth hacks and see if any of these actually work.

I'll be trying new trends and fads, products you can buy cheap to sell on Amazon for a profit, online surveys, too good to be true website, and more. I'll tell you what works best so that hopefully one day we will all live your ideal life!

My followers want me to do full reviews of various types of passive income opportunities or ideas they are considering starting their own business.

Join me today!!!

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