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Gandhi King Global Initiative:

Based in Palo Alto, California

Founded in 2019 - Community Focused


In a partnership with 20 other peace and justice organizations across the globe, Nonviolence International New York has assisted in the creation of a global peace network and conference with participants from around the world. Read more and explore the different resources provided by this initiative.

In 2020:

Our teams are assisting in the coordination of the network of almost 100 peace and justice organizations from around the world. They are also helping coordinate web-based networking services for civil society including weekly conference calls with guest speakers & a newsletter distributed to almost 1000 leadership, staff, activists and the general public worldwide.

-Providing access to resources and tools on nonviolent organizing and cross-cultural dialogue for NGOs in more than 100 countries.

-Offering free webinars with guest speakers from around the world including Sri Lanka, Egypt, India & Ireland.

To read about these topics or explore other projects please visit our website at . To find out how you can get involved contact us at , we are always looking for volunteers!

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