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From War to Peace, Sharing Center:

Based in Cotabato City, Philippines

Founded in 2019 - Community Focused

This project is about sharing. Sharing skills, ideas and resources to build peace in a city that has been at the forefront of war for over five decades. We are humbled by how far we have come with your support so far - our first humble space was opened last October 2018!

The Cotabato area needs more than just temporary assistance from NGOs or government programs; it needs long-term commitment to building communities where livelihoods can flourish. Taking into consideration this need, Nonviolence Center created

"From War To Peace" as one way of bringing lasting change through sustainable community empowerment projects.

We hope you will continue supporting us on this journey towards peace and social justice!

As a fully in-person project in Cotabato City, Philippines we are hoping to relauch our projects in 2022.

stay tuned for our documentary, different interviews and locally made content

learn more at

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