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Building Peace By Teaching Peace: Americas

Based Online & in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Founded in 2018 - Community Focused


Translated into, English, Spanish, & French, The primary goal of the module is to develop a tool that will help implement a peacebuilding education and conflict resolution program for children and the youth in the non-formal education sector and out-of-school children/youth in the conflict, and disaster affected areas in North and Latin America. The success of the latter lies in the continuous development of capacities in the specific locations of implementation, through these objectives:

  • Promote peace education and conflict resolution skills and tools amongst children and the youth and other members of their community to solve problems and address issues without resorting to violence.

  • In addition to peace education, lessons on how to improve communication, awareness and understanding amongst children and the youth are also included.

  • Reduce children and the youth’s vulnerability to violence and decrease the likelihood of becoming involved in violence by providing them with the knowledge and skills to handle conflict situations and identify peaceful approaches to resolving conflict.

In 2020:

Nonviolence International New York, generated 200+ new modules for the Building Peace by Teaching Peace Americas Program and under the leadership of Joshua Kirshbaum, distributed them across Latin America to a network of peace educators and community builders.

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at and let's work together to bring this program to your community.

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