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Building a Life that Allows You to Pursue Your Dreams

I have a passion for helping people achieve their dreams, and one of the hardest parts of reaching your dreams is

living life, not working to live. So I have built this site to help guide you on the path to financial freedom so that you can follow your passions.

Allow me to tell you about how I started; when I was 13 years old I started an event photography business. venturing from Temple to temple, bar mitzvah to bar mitzvah I learned how to tell my story and work with clients.

One gig at a time, I would spend hours on each gig and I earned one paycheck at a time.

I then started to work with friends, paying friends to do the gigs for my clients. this allowed me to expand, instead of working one gig at a time, I was able to work multiple gigs in multiple cities all at once.

This gave me more time to focus on expansion, instead of focusing on the day-to-day, I focused on the overall landscape of the business.

When I was 20 I started my next successful venture. Taking from my past business model, I then pushed this model forward and partnered with 13 talented film school friends to start our studio.

Starting individual studios with each one, we would hire big clients who needed a large variety of services and I would subcontract it to each of my friend's studios.

Again, this allowed me to work gigs across the east coast in multiple cities, venues, and mediums... all at once. and it kept growing... I continued this till I sold my company at 22.

All of these businesses were designed to A) build and empower all of my subcontractors, allowing them to follow their dreams and earn a generous living, and B) giving me a flexible lifestyle and financial security to follow my passions and interests.

By 25 this became a passion of mine, I had ended up moving to Latin America working with clients, and building out versions of this model across several countries. learning how to automate my old systems and generate businesses across the world in my free time.

Now I am 30, I live in a Puerto Rican tropical paradise, working with my clients, spending the majority of my week following my passions, working at

the United Nations, running a team in passion projects at Nonviolence International New York, and building projects that I can eally care about, that impact lives across the world.

None of this would be possible If I did not build multiple sources of passive income to secure me financially so I can do what I love.

Now, this post might sound like bragging... but it's not about ME. It's about taking control over your fate by becoming an entrepreneur and building businesses in areas you're passionate about: art, food, fashion design, etc.

Building a Life That Allows You To Pursue Your Dreams...

So it all starts here.

  1. Find your passions

  2. Figure out what you need to do to pursue it

  3. Build passive income streams and directly monetize your passions so that you can live the life of your dreams.

  4. Never stop learning.

Head over to this site and learn from others, or contact me and let’s get you started.

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