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Augmented Techies Club:

Based in Seville, Spain & the Telegram app

Founded in 2020 - Community Focused

Lead by Joshua Kirshbaum, This philanthropic Focused group of 10+ techies have banded together to build VR & AR apps that amplify voices across the globe.


focusing on one tech passed project at a time we work together to find new solutions to global issues through the use of technology.

Our first project is to work towards making the world more inclusive through AR & VR tech by developing a platform for people with disabilities and different abilities to express themselves in ways that they feel comfortable, empowering them and letting everyone else see what challenges they're facing.

This will be done through exploring virtual art spaces where we'll design interactions in line with the person's needs and teaching others how to do this too so we can create communities of those who are more “inclusive” than other parts of society today. We want all voices heard!

From here on out our team will explore projects like these, from solving global hunger, promoting mental health awareness or hosting autism workshops within autistic self-ad


IT Consulting Services - Augmented Techies Club will provide IT consulting services to businesses and individuals who require assistance with their Database, Network Infrastructure & Security, Web Development. We are currently based in Seville, Spain but we work globally. Our team members have experience working as consultants for companies like Microsoft or Deloitte

Contact us:

contact us for more info at

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