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Accelerated Issues:

Based Online

Founded in 2020 - Research Focused

Going beyond the direct covid crisis this project explores, collects Resources and Development original research on the Current issues being accelerated by Covid and the global pandemic. Then it distributes this information and resources to communities in need.

- Why Covid is a global pandemic and what it means:

An exploration of the current international crisis, covid research, social implications, and resources currently being developed.

The pandemic is accelerating multiple issues:

- The social implications that come from people being distanced from one another, make it easier to be violent because we are too connected with technology;

- Lack of access to healthcare which impacts education opportunities as well, perpetuating poverty in communities across borders;

- The need for resources like clean water and food increases due to natural disasters or economic downturns (or any other crisis) impacting crops as they're already at risk due to socioeconomic factors such as poverty or lack of health care/education opportunities.

We encourage you to explore our blog articles for more in-depth coverage on this topic.

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